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Class Descriptions: Know what to expect from Everbalance

At Everbalance, we offer all our classes in beginner all the way up to advanced levels. We believe that all styles of Pilates, barre, and yoga should be attainable for all levels of practitioners. And as you take more classes, your strength and flexibility will enhance allowing you to safely and effectively move into higher level classes. As you grow, we have a class to grow with you!


Reformer Pilates

The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates besides overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance it’s also daily life improvements like better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such as back pain, muscle imbalances, improvement of coordination. more

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates All Levels will deliver a great total body Pilates workout featuring classical Pilates Exercises without equipment or props on the mat. It’s a system of exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body focusing on control. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up. more


At Everbalance every yoga class is based on Yin/Yang principle. We begin our class with Yang poses intended to challenge your physical limits, then we continue with Yin poses – deep stretching, low to the ground using the power of gravity, releasing the tension, followed by rewarding relaxation (Savasana) with aroma therapy. more


At Everbalance every barre class includes a fun warm-up with elements of dance and yoga, arms and upper body series using props, deep core and abs series using Pilates Principles and of course big accent on lower body – toning the seat area and legs for beautiful tight and lean look. The results are absolutely mind-blowing from this upbeat and fun workout choreographed each time with a new twist and fun moves to the music. more


“Love the studio environment and small class size. The teachers are engaging and proficient, friendly and competent.” - Donna

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